Hard work pays off!! We will share our success stories so we can not only CONGRATULATE members, but also MOTIVE others that it can be done! If you commit to living a healthy and active lifestyle, you WILL lose weight and meet your fitness goals.


Here is our first shared SUCCESS story! This member committed to putting fitness first and did the FITT Jumpstrart Progam. She lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks and lost INCHES around her waist. Check out here before and after pics! So, so proud of her. She EARNED it! She put fitness and her health first and is not yet done. The journey continues. There is no end date to living a healthy lifestyle. Leave her a note to congratulate her and motivate her to continue pushing!! #weareallfittastic #hapaafyatuu #believeinyourself #youcandoit


#transformation – I LOVE getting pictures like these from my community members! This amazing young woman is Pudenciana. She did my 30 Day Challenge 2 months in a ROW! Yup….she was on a mission and set #fitnessgoals from Day 1. Is her transformation AMAZING or What?!?!? I am thrilled with the progress she made in just two months. It took healthy eating, exercising 5 days a week, but most of all it took #commitment #discipline #dedication – CONGRATS Pudenciana – YOU DID ALL THE WORK! Kula vizuri na fanya mazoezi na utapungua. Usikatee tamaa.


#transformation – This amazing young man is Daniel. Daniel started his transformation journey in January 2017 when he decided enough is enough! He took it upon himself to change his eating habits, stop making excuses and got up and started to Exercise! After doing my workouts for almost 4 months….Daniel transformed himself to where he is today. The RESULTS speak for themselves. I am SO PROUD of you Daniel @mzzowden_ – and he is not yet DONE! He has made health and fitness a “lifestyle”, which has no end date. If he can do it, so can YOU! What are you waiting for?!?! If looking at Daniel’s before and after picture is not enough #motivation to get up and start exercising….I don’t know what is! #nomoreexcuses #fitnessgoals #transformationjourney #behealthy #beactive #befit


#tuesdaytransformation – Here’s another Awesome transformation! This amazing young Lady is Eunice Mlay. Eunice started her transformation journey last year in September weighing 99 kgs. She set fitness goals and put her health first for 7 months and lost 20 KGS!!! She now weighs 79 kgs and FEELS great CONGRATS EUNIE!!


#tuesdaytransformation – I LOVE getting these pictures! Here’s to ANOTHER FABULOUS Transformation…and she’s just getting started! Meet Mariam Hosea – This Amazing woman started her fitness journey 3 months ago and is down 22 kg – that’s 48 lbs…WOW! CONGRATS, Mariam! I am so proud of you. Mpeni Mariam HONGERA SANA! Alikula kama nilivyo shauri na alifanya mazoezi kila siku kasoro Jumapili. Amepungua kilo 22 baada ya miezi mitatu na bado anaendelea na mazoezi. Hongera sana Dada Mariam J Mazoezi ni maisha! #hapaafyatuu


Meet Sophia Charles! Mpeni HONGERA SANA! Sophia amefanya mazoezi yangu kwa mieze mnne. Alikuwa na 87 kg na baada ya miezi mnne sasa ana 73 kg. Hongera sana Sophia! Pamoja na mazoezi alikula kama nilovyo shauri. A big CONGRATS to Sophia who has been doing my FITT Jumpstart program for 4 months and has lost 14 kgs! Simply Amazing!! Keep up the good work Sophia!! Fitness is a journey. We can all do it!!