Song Workouts

We all know there is nothing better than working out to a tune you absolutely LOVE! Personally, it gets me going and makes me push even harder and faster. This is why I’ve added this section to my site. It’s like a Request Line!

Give me a song and I’ll create a cardio routine for you. Here are a few of my fave tracks with cardio routines. Click on a link below…..and get to it!  They range from 3 to up to 5 minutes so do them twice if you can #itsallaboutthebase #keepmoving #challengeyourself #dontstoptilitsover #weareallfittastic

[s3bubbleLightboxVideoSingle text=”This Is What We Came For” bucket=”fittastic” track=”Songs_ThisIsWhatWeCameFor.mp4″ aspect=”16:9″ autoplay=”false” download=”false” cloudfront=”” advert_link=”” disable_skip=”false” /]