Share Your Transformation – How many inches have you lost?

So we’re going into Week 5  of our transformation journey!  Can you believe we kicked things off a month ago?? Time sure does fly!  What I know for a FACT is that those of you who have fully committed to the program; that is have been doing your scheduled workouts and eating clean, have certainly seen results!  Why do I say this??  Because when you work hard, when you focus, when you prioritize your health, and commit to investing time and energy to become a better version of YOU; your body will REWARD you.  Granted you may not have lost 10 lbs or even 5 lbs, but if you took measurements during Week 1 like I recommended doing so, I will bet you $100 that if you take measurements today you will see that you have lost inches somewhere – your waist, your arms, your thigh….SOMEWHERE!  So please share your PROGRESS by writing a brief comment below as you have worked HARD to get here.  Doing so will not only motivate YOU to continue your journey and push even harder as we get into Week 5 and beyond, but it will also motivate others to join us and believe in themselves….that they also can DO IT!

My journey started 8 years ago after I had my second child, and I am no where near done.  It’s a lifetime journey, a lifestyle, and requires work and discipline. I hope to have the strength to continue my journey up until the end.  While I’m at it…..I will do my best to motivate, inspire, coach, encourage and teach others how to love and take care of their bodies; after all, we only have one! 🙂

Wishing you all a FITTastic week ahead.  Keep at it!  Continue with your workouts!  I am working on new workouts for you to keep you challenged so stay tuned.

Stay Active. Eat Clean. Be FITTastic.