How to Stay Active and Fit at a Desk Job

Does this look like how you spend most of your work day? Siting???!!?? Most of us have careers that require you to be at a desk all day long! That’s not easy NOR is it good for you. Our bodies are not meant to sit all day long as it slows down our circulation. Here are a few tips to help you be proactive, get your body moving and stay fit while at work.

  1. Always have water by your desk – it will keep you hydrated and you will feel fuller throughout the day.
  2. Set a Timer – Get up and walk around the halls every hour, or whatever is realistic for you. Go refill your water, chat with a colleage…do whatever it takes to get up and walk.
  3. Use Your CHAIR to get in a few exercises – got a sturdy chair?? Do some a few triceps dip holds!
  4. Use Your DESK – Do a few push ups – push ups don’t always have to be done on the floor.  Do angled push ups using your desk….you will work the same muscle groups.
  5. Got a Wall?? – I know you do!  Do a do a 30 second wall sit every now and then.  You can set a goal to do it every hour.  Walls sits will help you build strong, lean legs!
  6. Do Arm Circles – When your in listen only mode on a conference call, do some arm circles…forward and backward for 30 seconds each. Might as well get some shoulder work in there!
  7. Stand Up – Do some leg lifts….you know what these are. With both feet on the floor, start with your right leg, then left. Lift each leg as high as you can (not passing your waist); do 10 reps on one leg, then move to the other leg.  Do as many sets as you can. This move strengthens your thigh muscle as well as your core.

As always….Stay Active. Eat Clean. Be FITTastic.


5 thoughts on “How to Stay Active and Fit at a Desk Job

  1. Thanks Aicha. I definitely do this and let my colleagues at the office know about this.

    1. Awesome, Angel! You will be surprised just how the little things, if done regularly, make a HUGE difference!!

  2. Anytime, my Friend!! I def do these every now and then to keep moving! 🙂

    1. ….and just so you know…the arm circles are my fave thing to do during conference calls! LOL…

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