Basic Tips to Shedding Some Pounds and Losing Weight

So you’ve started working out and hopefully have set fitness goals that you can use to measure and track your progress. That’s the FIRST step in your transformation journey.  You should be proud of yourself for making the commitment to invest in YOU!  As you take off on your journey, here are a few tips to help you lose weight and meet your fitness goals:

  1. Keep a Food Journal – Controlling what you eats starts with “knowing what you eat”.  Write down what you eat so you can control your caloric intake AND identify what it is you need to eliminate from your diet.
  2. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of Water a Day – You may actually be confusing “thirst” for hunger so drink water….Kunywa MAJI!  You need to stay hydrated throughout the day especially since you are working out and sweating. Research has shown that if we on’t stay hydrated, our energy levels and brain function can start to suffer.  So drink UP!
  3. Eat More Greens – Eat more veggies and salads; replace fried foods with grilled vegetables. Most of them turn out great!  Veggies like broccoli with high fiber will keep you fuller longer.
  4. Eat Smaller Portions – A great way to do this is to use smaller plates.  Measuring your food is great, but who has time to do that everyday!  Just use smaller plates and you WILL eat less.
  5. Reduce Carbohydrate Intake – Try to get all your carbs in during the day – i.e. at breakfast and lunch – as you will likely burn them through the course of the day.  In the evenings, stick to lean proteins and veggies, and if you need to snack, snack on fruits likes berries.
  6. Eat Less Red Meat – Try replacing meat with fish or chicken; limit the amount of red meat you eat to once a week and chose lean meats vs. fatty meats like rib eye.
  7. Get Enough Sleep – Even with the the very best diet and fitness routine, if your sleep is off, you won’t see the results you are working so hard to get.  Not getting enough sleep, less than 7 hours per night, can reduce the benefits of dieting and exercise.  Sleep loss does 2 things: (1) makes you feel hungry even when you’re not, and (2) increases fat storage as it interferes with the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates.  So prioritize SLEEP!
  8. EXERCISE REGULARLY – You’ve got this one covered already!  Good for YOU! Make sure you stick to the program you are doing and you WILL reap the rewards…and remember, the number on the scale does NOT define you.  It’s all about losing inches so track your progress by measuring yourself monthly or every two weeks.

These tips are easy to follow and may seem simple, but you need to strictly adhere to them as they require patience, discipline and determination. These are things I do everyday – I practice what I preach. These habits will not come easy, but trust me, they will be worth it once they become routine!blog-pic

Stay Active. Eat Clean.  Be FITTastic.
– Aicha

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  1. Thank you DADA ?. This is absolutely what I needed to keep it on my mind. I want some day to rock on the red carpet with size 2????

    1. LOL! Not rock the red carpet with a size 6??? LMAO!!! You will get there!! Glad you were able to read through it 🙂

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